Excel Conditional Formatting Colour Macro Problems

If you need to know what color is in a worksheet cell, or a shape, you can check it manually, or use VBA code to find the color number. There are conditional formatting color macros too, but they’re a bigger challenge, and didn’t work for a project that I built recently. Here’s what I was working on, and some of the Excel color resources that I used along the way. There are links to download my sample file, and one from Visio MVP, John Marshall. Continue reading “Excel Conditional Formatting Colour Macro Problems”

Create and Copy AutoCorrect List Items

To save time, create AutoCorrect entries for words, phrases, and even symbols that you type frequently. Then, type a short code, and Excel automatically changes it to the full text. See how to create an entry, then print a list of all your entries, and copy them to a different computer, using the AutoCorrect macros below.

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Create a Tartan Pattern in Excel

Suddenly, it’s November, and it’s time to plan what you’ll wear on St. Andrew’s Day (November 30th). He is the patron saint of Scotland (and other countries), so of course you’ll need a kilt, made in your family tartan. Fortunately, you can create a tartan pattern in Excel, if your family doesn’t have a tartan. Thanks to John Marshall for creating this handy tool.

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Excel Hyperlinks Run Command Files

You can use Excel hyperlinks to navigate through a workbook, go to web pages, open other Excel files, and even open PDF files. However, if you try to use an Excel hyperlink to run command files, you’ll run into problems. Until now! Here’s how J.Woolley uses hyperlinks, with a background macro,  to avoid those problems – and a other problems too. He also found a strange hyperlink bug.

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Freeze All Worksheets Macro

If you’re working with a large worksheet in Excel, it usually helps if you freeze the cells at the top and/or the left side of the sheet. That way, your headings are always visible, along with other key information that you’ve put at the top of the sheet. You can freeze each sheet individually, or use this macro to freeze all worksheets at once.

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Popup List of Excel Sheets

If you’re working in an Excel file with lots of worksheets, it can take a while to scroll to the ones that you need. Sometimes you can’t even remember where the sheets are, and that takes even longer! To make it easier for myself, I created an add-in with a popup list of Excel sheets. See the details below, and there’s a link to my site where you can download it.

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Excel Form Control Button Quirks

If you’re building an Excel workbook for other people to use, you can add form control buttons, so it’s easy for them to run macros. One of my sample files has Navigation Buttons on each sheet, so you can quickly go to the previous or next sheet. There are a few form control button quirks though – maybe you’ve run into some of them. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the button name quirks – a hidden name that Excel fiercely protects.

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