Create Bingo Cards in Excel

It’s Friday, and things are slow at the office. To liven things up, you could create bingo cards in Excel, and organize a game during the lunch hour.
In this example, there are three cards, each with a set of random numbers. You’ll need one of those numbered ball popper machines though, or create a number selector in Excel.
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Create Quick Equations in Word 2007

Word 2007 has a new Building Blocks feature that lets you quickly add items, such as cover pages, text boxes, watermarks and page numbers. If you're writing a scientific document, you can also insert equations.

Insert an Equation

  1. On the Ribbon, click the Insert tab.
  2. In the Symbols group, click on Equation, then click the equation that you want to insert.

Save an Equation

After you insert an equation, you can modify it, then save it to use again later.

  1. Click on the equation in the Word document, to activate it.
  2. Click the arrow at the bottom right of the equation box, and click on Save as New Equation.
  3. Enter the details for your equation, then click OK.
  4. When you close Word, you'll be prompted to save the changes to the Building Blocks template. Click Yes to save your changes.

Insert a Saved Equation

Saved equations are listed in the Building Blocks Organizer. Open it and select the item you want to insert.

  1. On the Ribbon, click the Insert tab.
  2. In the Text group, click on Quick Parts, then click Building Blocks Organizer
  3. In the Building Block Organizer dialog box, click on the Gallery heading, to sort the list by type.
  4. Scroll down to the Equations, and click on an equation to select it.
  5. Click the Insert button.

PUP Add-in With Free Source Code

In other news, John Walkenbach is having a rare clearance sale. If you buy a licence for his Excel PUP add-in, for Excel 2007 or earlier version, he'll throw in the source code free. It's a great way to look under the hood, and learn some new tricks in Excel VBA. And the PUP add-in is packed with features that will help you use Excel more efficiently. It even has a few games, for those times when you're tired of working so hard.
The offer is only good until November 17th, so if you're thinking about buying it, don't think too long.