Create Bingo Cards in Excel

It’s Friday, and things are slow at the office. To liven things up, you could create bingo cards in Excel, and organize a game during the lunch hour.
In this example, there are three cards, each with a set of random numbers. You’ll need one of those numbered ball popper machines though, or create a number selector in Excel.

bingo cards in excel

Make Lists of Random Numbers

To generate the random numbers,  there are three sets of lists on the Numbers sheet. In each set, there are typed numbers 1-75, with the formula =RAND() in the adjacent column.
When you press the F9 key, the sheet recalculates, and those random numbers change.

Add Random Numbers On Cards

On the three bingo cards, an INDEX/MATCH formula pulls the numbers from the random number tables.You can read more about the INDEX and MATCH functions on my website.
For example, this formula is used in cell E2:

The same number might appear on all three cards, but each card uses a separate lookup table of random numbers. With all that randomness (is that a word?), the 3 cards should never be exactly the same.

Print the Bingo Cards in Excel

The cards are formatted to print three per sheet, on letter sized paper.
After you print each set of three cards, press the F9 key to generate a new set of numbered cards.

Download the Sample File

You can download the zipped Bingo Card Excel file, from my web site. Enjoy your lunch hour, and if you create a random number selector, let me know.
[Update] There is also a Bingo Cards With Pictures sample file that you can download.  Go to the Excel Sample files page on my website. On that page, go to the Functions section, and look for FN0045 – Excel Bingo Card With Pictures