Minimize the Excel 2007 Ribbon

If you’re working on a big worksheet, you might want to see as many rows as possible. The Excel 2007 Ribbon uses about an inch of space at the top of the worksheet, and if you’re just entering or editing data, you probably don’t need to use the Ribbon commands.
You can temporarily minimize the Ribbon, so it only uses a bit of space, and that will make room for a few more rows in the Excel window.

Minimize or Restore the Ribbon

To minimize the Ribbon, double-click on the active tab.
To restore the Ribbon, so the commands are visible, double-click on the active tab.

Close Excel

One more mouse shortcut, while you’re using the Ribbon — To close Excel, double-click the Office Button, at the top left of the Ribbon. If unsaved files are open, you may be prompted to save the changes.

See The Steps in a Video

To see the steps in action, you can watch this very short video.