Excel Holiday Planner Workbook

Long ago, I created a Christmas planner in Excel, and it has evolved over the years. Well, tomorrow is the first of December, so you've probably finished your planning for this year. But, if you haven't, this year's new and improved version of the workbook might help. Now it's an Excel Holiday Planner – you can pick any date as your holiday, instead of being Christmas themed.

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Do You Still Need Excel Subtotals?

Excel has a SUBTOTAL function, which ignores hidden or filtered rows. There is a Subtotal feature too, that quickly groups your data, and adds one or more rows of subtotals. Do we still need these Excel subtotals though, now that we have pivot tables and the AGGREGATE function?

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Excel Lookup Formula Challenge 20171026

Here's an Excel Lookup Formula challenge to get your brain fired up. Can you solve it without doing a Google search? The problem details are shown below, and you can download the sample workbook. It has the sample data, and there are solutions too, on a different worksheet.

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Excel CONVERT Function With Drop Down Lists

With the Excel CONVERT function, you can change quantities from one measurement type to another. For example, a hot day in Celsius looks even worse in Fahrenheit! Get my updated workbook for the CONVERT function, with drop down lists for category, units and prefixes.

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Split Address With Excel Formulas

If a cell contains a full address, what formulas would you use to show the street address, city, state and zip code in separate cells? That was the challenge that I gave to my weekly newsletter readers. A few rows of the sample data are show below, and you can download the sample file, to see all the data.

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Excel Price Lookup Date Product Name

If there's just one price per product in an Excel lookup table, you could use the INDEX and MATCH functions to to get that price. But what if the price changes occasionally, and your pricing list has multiple dates and prices for each product? How can you do a product price lookup based on invoice date and product name?

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