Excel Advent Calendar for 2010

Excel Advent Calendar for 2010

Last December, I posted an Excel Advent Calendar, and it was surprisingly popular, throughout the year.

New Version

Your kids are probably much smarter this year, so I've created a new version for this year. Instead of a number on each square, there's a simple Excel formula. Each formula calculates to a number between 1 and 24.


Each day, click on the shape with the formula that calculates to that day number, to reveal the Christmas picture behind it. For example, on December 1, click the shape at the top left, with the formula: = 2 – 1


You can cover the shape again, by clicking on the border of the revealed shape.


And since you might like to peek into the squares ahead of time, there's built in cheat protection, so you can't uncover the days before they occur.


Change the Formulas

If your kids are extra smart, or if your co-workers would appreciate a morning challenge, you can make the formulas tougher. There's a Lists worksheet, where you can enter the formula for each square, and make it as easy or hard as you'd like.

For example, here are alternate formulas for the first three days. After you change the formulas, click the button, to update the formulas in the Advent Calendar. The font size can be changed in the Shape Formulas code, to make the font larger or smaller, if necessary.


Download the Advent Calendar

If you'd like some help in counting down the days till Christmas, you can download the Excel Advent calendar. It's created in Excel 2007, and you can open it in Excel 2003 if you have the file converter installed.

The Christmas Song

Finally, to help you get in the holiday spirit while you set up your Excel Advent Calendar, here's a relaxing Christmas tune -- much nicer than the songs you'll hear when you hit the malls for some last minute shopping!


7 thoughts on “Excel Advent Calendar for 2010”

  1. Debra,

    Thanks, that's fun. I, of course, started clicking away and was surprised not to get the "don't be naughty" message. I looked at the code and realized that, today being the 30th, it's wide open until tomorrow. However, I restrained myself and only opened 3 or 4.

  2. Hi, I've not played around with it yet, but are we able to change to pictures, would be great to put something else behind the doors. Thanks

  3. @Doug, thanks! Glad you liked it, and hope you didn't ruin Christmas by opening the doors ahead of time.

    @Vicky, the background is all one picture, but you could put pictures on top of that, in the layer between the backgrounds and the doors.

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