Excel Advent Calendar

Excel Advent Calendar

Okay, it's a day late, but here's an Excel Advent calendar, for you to use this month.


Click on one of the numbered shapes, to reveal the Christmas picture behind it.


You can cover the shape again, by clicking on the border of the numbered shape.


And since you probably can't be trusted, there's built in cheat protection, so you can't uncover the days ahead of time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Download the Advent Calendar

If you'd like some help in counting down the days till Christmas, you can download the Excel Advent calendar. It's created in Excel 2007, and you can open it in Excel 2003 if you have the file converter installed.

If you're planning your Christmas activities, you can download the Excel Christmas planner too.

The Return of Excel Twitters

In other exciting news, the Excel Twitters are being posted again. Go and take a look, if you'd like a bit of Excel humour.

0 thoughts on “Excel Advent Calendar”

  1. Thanks Debra,

    Each day, I'll print off 50 color copies and staple them to the back of everyone's chair.

    Oh, they'll say things like "Stop wasting printer ink" and "If you do don't stay away from my cubicle, I'll kick your A$$."

    But I'll know โ€“ deep inside โ€“ they'll be filled with Christmas spirit.

  2. Mike, they'll thank you eventually, and that gratitude will warm your heart, as you stand in line at the unemployment office.
    It might be better to put a copy on everyone's desktop as wallpaper, and update it daily. Do you have admin rights, or hacking skills?

  3. [...] December, I posted an Excel Advent Calendar, and it was surprisingly popular, throughout the [...]

  4. This calendar brought back childhood memories of the holiday season in the late fifties and early sixties when I was 7-12 years old.

    This worksheet is the electronic version of cardboard holiday calendars that had little punch-out 'doors' for each day of the season.

    We children would look forward to opening the next day's 'door' to see what 'surprise' images would be revealed.

    Hey, back then there was only AM radio, 45rpm & 78rpm records and only 3-4 TV stations, all in black&white, and one of those was 'educational'.

    Little did we know how well off we were.

    Don't pay attention to the small minded dolts who don't seem to be aware that Excel is also used in homes, clubs, churches, schools and non-profit organizations of all stripes.

    They just have not learned, yet, that there is more to life than work.

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