Excel Advent Calendar

Okay, it’s a day late, but here’s an Advent calendar that I built in Excel.
Click on one of the numbered shapes, to reveal the Christmas picture behind it.
You can cover the shape again, by clicking on the border of the numbered shape.
And since you probably can’t be trusted, there’s built in cheat protection, so you can’t uncover the days ahead of time. 😉

Download the Advent Calendar

If you’d like some help in counting down the days till Christmas, you can download the Excel Advent calendar. It’s created in Excel 2007, and you can open it in Excel 2003 if you have the file converter installed.
If you’re planning your Christmas activities, you can download the Excel Christmas planner too.

The Return of Excel Twitters

In other exciting news, the Excel Twitters are being posted again. They’re in smaller batches now, and posted every weekday.