Worksheet Data Entry Form in Excel

With a bit of programming, you can make it easy for users to enter data in an Excel workbook, and keep them away from the stored data. Dave Peterson created a sample workbook with a worksheet data entry form.
There are data validation drop down lists in cells D5 and D7, and quantity is typed in cell D9.
Click the Add to Database button, and the new record is added at the end of the database, which is a list on a different sheet.

View the Stored Records

In Dave’s workbook, you could click the View Database button to go to the database sheet, and review or edit the order records.
In some cases you might prefer to hide the database sheet, to protect the records, but still allow users to view the existing data. I’ve added a few buttons to Dave’s workbook, to allow users to scroll through the existing records.
The navigation buttons take you to the first, previous, next or last record, or you can type a record number in the yellow cell, to go to a specific record.
The Go To Database button is still on the worksheet, but you could remove that, and hide the PartsData sheet, so users are less likely to change the data.

Download the Sample File

The zipped sample workbook can be downloaded from the Data Entry Worksheet Form page on my website.
In the Download section, look for Version 2 – Navigation Arrows.

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