Excel Sing Along

It was a busy and stressful week, with all kinds of computer fun – plugin updates that killed my blog, a touchpad that refused to turn off, Outlook contacts all disappearing into the iCloud, lots of laptop restarts, and much, much more. Good times!

So, instead of something serious and educational, let’s have an Excel sing-along!

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Excel Problems, Fixes and Webinars

Did you get hit by the disappearing Excel add-in affliction recently? After a long couple of weeks, that frustrating Excel problem is finally solved. After spending countless hours on that issue (details below), I was happy to get back to more productive work, updating my website and sample files. I hope the rest of the summer goes smoothly!

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Create an Excel Hyperlink With Drag and Drop

In a big Excel file, it's handy to have hyperlinks that take you from one sheet to another. Maybe you need a table of contents, or a single link on a summary sheet that takes you to a data entry sheet. You can use the Insert Hyperlink command on the Ribbon, but it's even quicker to create an Excel hyperlink with drag and drop. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

And there are a couple of Excel announcements too.

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