Custom Ribbon Tab for Excel File

Have you created any custom tabs for your Excel files? I avoided that, as long as possible, but have finally started dabbling with the Ribbon code. And, the good news is that it’s not as dark and scary as I imagined.
Here is a screen shot of a sample file that I created, as an update to my Parts Database which has a UserForm for data entry.
When the file opens, it adds a custom tab to the Ribbon, with buttons to run the workbook’s macros.
You can download the sample file, and see the written instructions here: Getting Started With Excel Ribbon Custom Tabs

View and Edit Ribbon Code

To see the Ribbon code, without messing with the hidden parts of an Excel file, you can use the free tool – Custom UI Editor.
To get started, use the Custom UI Editor to take a look at a sample file or two. Then, you can copy some of the sample code into your own files, and tweak the labels and macro names, to match your workbook.

Watch the Video

To see the steps for opening and editing the Ribbon code with the Custom UI Editor, please watch this short video tutorial. The sample file and written instructions are here: Excel Ribbon Custom Tabs Intro

Or watch on YouTube: Excel Ribbon Custom Tab Introduction