Find Unmatched Amounts With Advanced Filter

You know that it’s time to update a web page, when all of the dates in the examples are 2002. Winking smile
Yes, that’s what I found when I took a peek at my Advanced Filter – Complex Criteria page. Yikes! Fortunately, the Advanced Filter steps haven’t changed since then, but I added some new screen shots, and updated the sample file.

Find Unmatched Amounts

I’ve also created a video to show the steps for one of the examples – finding unmatched amounts in two fields of a record.
With a simple formula in the criteria range, you can filter all the records where the invoice amount does not equal the amount paid. It’s time to find those customers who have had outstanding amounts since 2002!

Watch the Video

In this video you’ll see how to set up a small criteria range, and enter a formula to check for unmatched amounts. Then, run the Advanced Filter to see the results.