Use Excel to Plan Christmas

Mock if you will, but every year I use my Excel Christmas planner to keep track of things over the holiday season.


Where Are the Gifts?

I make a few tweaks to the planner every year, and in this year's version there is a column to note where you hid a present, after you've brought it home. That should prevent those Christmas Eve panics, while you try to find everything. Not that I've ever gone through that – I'm only thinking of you! 😉


Black Friday Planning

This year, the stores are even advertising Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in Canada, so I'll be able to use the Black Friday planning sheet, to find a few bargains.

Based on the prices that you enter, the worksheet calculates which store has the best price for each item, and which store has the most deals. Note: If prices are the same at multiple stores, the first store will be shown in the "Best Price" column.


Download the Excel Christmas Planner

To download the file, you can visit the Excel Christmas Planner page on my Contextures website. Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck finding those awesome sales tomorrow and Monday!


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