Create Table Combinations With MS Query

What’s a quick way to combine the items in two table? For example:

  • Table A has 3 items – Sugar, Coffee and Milk.
  • Table B has 2 items – Cans and Sticks.

How can you create a third table that has all the Table 1 items combined with each of the Table 2 items?

  • Sugar – Cans, Sugar – Sticks, etc.


Use MS Query

I’ve done this with programming before, but this time I used Microsoft Query, to do the work for me.

Add the two tables to the query, with no join line between them, and the results show each item in table 1 connected to each item in table 2.


Read the Details

To see the details for setting this up, and refreshing the results table, please visit the Cartesian Join in Excel Using MS Query page on my Contextures website.

It shows all the steps for creating the query, sending the results to Excel, and refreshing the table if the source data changes.