Excel Weekly Meal Planner Update

image There is an Excel weekly meal planner on the Contextures website, in which you can select meal items, and create a weekly shopping list.

Shopping List Problems

In December, I added an online recipe selector, created by Jimmy Peña, and described the new feature in a blog post.
This weekend, Alyssa pointed out a problem — if you select a meal item twice, it’s only added to the shopping list once. That could cause problems, if you run out of food on Friday, and have hungry and cranky children waiting for their dinner. Thanks Alyssa!

Fix the List

To show the correct quantities in the shopping list, I changed the heading in the original quantity column, from Qty to Meal Qty.
Then, I added a new column, with the heading Qty, and a formula to multiply the Meal Qty by the List qty. The formula in cell H2 is:

Download the Updated Excel Meal Planner

You can see the full details for the Excel Weekly Meal Planner on the Contextures website, and download an updated copy to help plan your meals.