Excel Weekly Meal Planner With Recipe Selector

imageThe problem with putting a lovely red geranium on your table is that you can end up remodelling the kitchen! (Do you remember that magic geranium fable?)
Anyway, a while ago, I posted my Excel Weekly Meal Planner, which let you select meals for each weeknight, and print a grocery shopping list. All was well in my kitchen, as I happily planned my meals with that useful workbook.
Then, JP from Code for Excel and Outlook, sent me a “geranium” — a copy of my Excel Christmas Planner, with a fancy new Excel Recipe Selector worksheet. JP’s workbook has code that looks up recipes via web API, and returns the result to Excel.
For example, if you’re tired of steamed carrots, you can enter “Carrots” in the Recipes worksheet, and find more exotic recipes online.
Thanks JP! Your enhancement works great, and now it will be easy to spice up those holiday meals.

Remodelling the Excel Weekly Meal Planner

Yes, JP’s Recipe Selector makes the Holiday Dinner Planner better, but it made my Excel Weekly Meal Planner look shabby! It needed a recipe selector too. In his blog post, JP showed the code for using the API, and had a link to another function that’s required.
So, I copied the Recipes sheet from JP’s workbook, and inserted it into my weekly meal planner file. It worked great in its new location, and I just had to change a couple of references in the code.
But…now the rest of the weekly meal planner looked a bit run down, so I decide to remodel it. After a couple of coats of paint, a new backsplash and a shiny new pivot table, it’s ready for the open house.
You can tour the remodelled version on the Excel Weekly Meal Planner page on the Contextures website, and download a copy to help plan your meals.

Watch the Excel Weekly Meal Planner Video

To see a quick overview of how the Excel Weekly Meal Planner works, you can watch this short video.