How to Crash Excel

This week, I’ve been working in an Excel 2007 file that has several named Excel Tables. After adding a column in one table, I copied the entire worksheet column.
Next, I tried to paste it into another worksheet, where there was a similar table.
That didn’t go too well. After a few minutes of staring at the hourglass, I gave up, and closed Excel in the Task Manager.
Today, I tried to repeat the column copy and paste, forgetting about the previous problem. Sure enough, Excel crashed again. Well, technically, I guess it’s a hang, rather than a crash, but it’s still annoying.

A Smaller Named Excel Table

In a smaller workbook, with smaller tables, the copy eventually completed, but with strange results. There was a strange message in the Status Bar.
Eventually, the copy completed, but instead of the ten rows from the original table, the paste filled the entire column, so the named Excel Table ended in the last row.

Successful Copy and Paste

Instead of copying and pasting the entire column, you can copy and paste the named Excel table column.

  1. To select the table column, click, the top of the table heading cell, instead of the column heading button.ExcelTableCrash07
  2. Then, to paste into the other table, right-click the heading cell, and paste.

Or you can copy the cells, and paste them, instead of copying and pasting the column.

How Do You Crash Excel?

Enough about my problems! What’s your favourite way to crash/hang Excel?