Holiday Preparations for Excel Overachievers

Last year, I posted a link to my Excel Christmas planner, that includes a scheduler for holiday meals. Despite the rude comments from my Excel buddies (OCD? Torturing guests with pivot tables?), I still use that planner to stay on schedule.
Maybe those doubters go out for their holiday meals, so they don’t have to worry about planning!

Black Friday Sales Planner

Even if you don’t have to plan the holiday dinner, you might want to plan your Black Friday shopping trip, or compare gift prices at different stores. In the latest version of the Excel Christmas Planner there’s a Black Friday worksheet.
Enter Store Names at the top of the table, then enter product info and prices in the rows below.
The worksheet calculates which store has the best price for each item, and which store has the most deals. Note: If prices are the same at multiple stores, the first store will be shown in the “Best Price” column.
With this handy worksheet, you’ll know where to start your shopping blitz. And that’s what the holidays are all about!
Happy Thanksgiving!