Excel Dinner Planner

If you're busy getting ready for a big family dinner today, you might find the dinner planner in this Excel workbook helpful.
You can enter your target dinner hour, and a list of food to prepare, and the planner calculates the start time for each item. I use it for our family dinners, and it's a big help in scheduling.
There's even a fancy Excel timeline chart, if you prefer visual overviews.

Enjoy your turkey!

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  1. I prepared a timeline chart with all 325 steps required to prepare our dinner. It worked perfectly, and everything was great. Dinner was 21 seconds late, due to a serious underestimation of the turnip peeling time. But nobody complained too much.
    Couldn't have done it without this tool.
    BTW, does anyone know how to remove gravy from a laptop keyboard?

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