Celebrating VLOOKUP Week

image Over at Chandoo’s Excel blog, he’s celebrating VLOOKUP week, with helpful posts like VLOOKUP Formulas Go Wild. Who knew an Excel formula could go wild? I’ve seen many workbooks where things have run amok, but fortunately, Chandoo’s examples are much better behaved.
You don’t need any special equipment or fancy telescopes to do a lookup in Excel — you just need a simple formula. Chandoo explains how to use the VLOOKUP function, and overcome its few shortcomings with other functions, like INDEX and MATCH.

Watch the VLOOKUP Videos

I’m a big fan of VLOOKUP too, and have made several Excel VLOOKUP videos that show you how to use the function in different scenarios.
For example, here’s a video that shows you how to use the Excel MATCH function within a VLOOKUP formula, to make it more flexible.

The next video show you how to use VLOOKUP to change a student’s numeric score into a letter grade, by using the Approximate Match option.

You can head over to the Contextures website, and watch the rest of my Excel VLOOKUP videos, to see a few more examples of how to use it.

Celebrate VLOOKUP Weekend

With all this information on VLOOKUP to read and watch, you won’t have to worry about planning any other weekend activities. Chandoo’s VLOOKUP Week might end today, but you can continue celebrating, by creating your own VLOOKUP Weekend. Have fun!