Temporarily Hide Excel Conditional Formatting

To highlight specific cells on an Excel worksheet, you can use conditional formatting. In the example shown below, orders with a quantity greater than 50 are highlighted with green fill colour.
This was the result of simple conditional formatting, based on the cell value.
Sometimes though, the conditional formatting can be distracting, and there’s no built in way to temporarily remove it.

Create an On/Off Switch

Instead of removing the conditional formatting, you could add an On/Off switch to your worksheet, and only show the conditional formatting when the switch is on.
In the screenshot below, there’s a cell named CondF_Show, and it has a data validation drop down for Yes and No.
I changed the conditional formatting to a formula that checks both the Quantity cell value, and the value in the CondF_Show cell.
Then, when the CondF_Show cell is changed to No, the conditional formatting is temporarily hidden.