Excel on the Golf Course

golficon I'd need wider columns to hold my golf scores, but this Excel template for golf scores might help you keep track of your annual progress.


There's also an annual summary sheet, that calculates your average score and best score for the year.


Conditional Formatting for Scores

The golf scores template uses conditional formatting to highlight the holes where you shot par or below par, so you can see at a glance how things are going. You enter the course pars on the Summary sheet, and the conditional formatting is on the Scores sheet.


Because conditional formatting won't allow you to refer to cells on another sheet, I named cell B8 as CoursePar, and use that name in the conditional formatting formulas. For example, the formula for par is:



Download the Golf Scores Template

You can download the zipped sample Excel template for golf scores, which is in Excel 2003 format. There are more screen shots and details on the Excel Template - Golf Scores page at the Contextures website.


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