Trouble Unhiding Excel Row and Columns

It's easy to hide rows and columns in an Excel worksheet, and you or your boss or co-worker might do that when setting up an Excel file.
However, if you hide Row 1 or Column A in an Excel worksheet, you might have trouble unhiding them. This short Excel tutorial video shows you a quick way to see those hidden rows and columns again.


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  1. Nice tip Deb, I never knew that. I would have pressed F5 to bring up the Go To dialog and entered A1. Then choose Unhide from the Format menu. Your way is quicker and easier.

  2. Great idea and short cut. I have found this to be the case more than once that someone has hid the column couldn't figure out what happen to it and added another column reworked all the formulas in the ajointing fields etc. Not knowing that it was still there.

  3. Just so your readers are aware... even if you had not posted selection trick in this blog item, they could still quite easily have selected Columns A and B by simply typing A:B in the Name Box (the empty field to the left of the Formual Bar)... that would have selected the hidden Column A along with the visible Column B. Similarly, to select the hidden Row 1 and the visible Row 2, they could just type 1:2 in the Name Box. Then, after doing either of these two steps, they could right click the selection and select the Unhide option.

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  5. Here's an advice for those who's having their excel Freezed panes, remember to unfreeze panes before typing A1 in the name box. Good day everyone!

  6. IT is not work.I do not use hiding row but it is hiding.When I find that customer'name the arrow point to between row number 73 and 75. That's why I do unhide format I can not do.It is not work. How can I do this error. Please help me.
    Best Regards

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