Introduction to Business Graphics 1982

“In the back of my mind, I always knew that charts would help me,” says the market researcher in this promotional video from 1982. Wow, did you really have to wait weeks for your data processing department to make your charts, back in the old days?
The graphs haven’t changed much in the 28 years since this video, Introduction to Business Graphics, was filmed, but at least the presentation technology has improved. Do you remember using those gigantic overhead projectors, and scrambling to get your transparencies ready in time for the meeting?
Apparently Apple Business Graphics wasn’t quite as popular as Excel though, because the announcer boasted that it was currently being used in “over 6000 offices”.

If you want to make your Excel charts look like they were made in 2010, instead of 1982, see the Excel Charting tutorials on Jon Peltier’s blog. He sells some Excel charting utilities too, like the Cluster Stack Chart Utility, to make Excel chart creation even easier.
For a few more examples of business graphics in the 1980s, you can watch this episode of Computer Chronicles, from 1988. The Excel demo starts at the 5:45 mark.