Excel Go Brach – Excelebrations

Shamrocks Sometime in the 1840s, probably because of the famine, my dad’s ancestors left Ireland, and boarded a ship to Canada. The details are sketchy, but I’m sure they had first class accommodations, and sat at the Captain’s table every night.
So, in honour of those ancestors, and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve made an Excel chart that represents the Flag of Ireland. Chandoo suggested that we create our country’s flag in Excel, and I decided that the tri-colour flag of Ireland would be much easier than Canada’s Maple Leaf flag.

How To Make the Flag

Have you tried to make your country’s flag? To make the Flag of Ireland, I did the following:

  • typed 100 in three cells on the worksheet
  • made a column chart from that data.
  • set the gap width to zero, to remove the space between the columns
  • selected each column individually, and changed its colour, using the RGB settings shown above
  • set the maximum for the vertical axis to 100
  • removed all the gridlines, axes, labels and titles
  • dragged the plot area, so it filled the entire chart area
  • changed the size of the chart to 3″ wide by 1.5″ high

And after you finish your flag, you can learn how to pronounce Éirinn go Brách, just in time for your St. Patrick’s Day parties.

Vote for Spreadsheet Day

Speaking of Excelebrations, last month I suggested that we pick a day to celebrate as Spreadsheet Day. There were a few dates suggested, and Jimmy Peña wants a poll, to pick a date. So, please go to my Debra D’s Blog, and vote for Spreadsheet Day. [Update: October 17th was the winning date.]

Canadian Irish Music

In no way related to Excel, but as part of our St. Patrick’s Day Excelebration, here’s some Canadian Irish music, from Great Big Sea, playing with The Chieftains.