We Need a Spreadsheet Day

Yesterday, Seth Godin suggested that we should invent a holiday to celebrate the things that we love. For example, today is Family Day here in Ontario, Canada, a holiday that has only existed for a couple of years. It’s nice to have the day off, and that gave me the chance to think about other holidays.

How about a Spreadsheet Day, to honour Excel, and the other spreadsheets that people use? There are other spreadsheets, aren’t there? I searched Google, and nothing relevant came up for the keyword phrase, “Spreadsheet Day”. That’s shocking!

Next, I checked a couple of sites that list all the obscure holidays and special days, but found nothing similar listed there either. There are plenty of obscure holidays, including Pi Day on March 14th, and there’s even a Pickle Day, on November 14th. But no Spreadsheet Day.

What Day Would Work Best?

We should select a suitable day to celebrate spreadsheets, without conflicting with any of the other important holidays. The first cell in an Excel worksheet is A1, so that could guide the holiday date selection. The first “A” month is April, but April 1st is April Fools’ Day, and it would be best to avoid that. Also, April is tax month in Canada and the USA, so Excel users might not be in the mood to celebrate.

How about August 1st? There’s not much happening in August, and no other holidays on that date, that I can see. That would be a good date for Spreadsheet Day. Or maybe you have a better suggestion.

How Could We Celebrate?

What activities could we plan for Spreadsheet Day?

  • The 50 yard dashboard?
  • Rowing competitions?
  • All day cell-ebrations?
  • Sitting in a Lotus position?
  • Pie Chart eating contests?

Do you have any other ideas?

Spreadsheet Fun

While researching (yes, any search in Google or YouTube is classified as research, for tax purposes), I found a couple of PC vs Mac commercials that mentioned spreadsheets and fun. I’d only seen the US versions of these ads, and was surprised to find different ads for the UK. In this case, at least, the UK version is much funnier.

PC vs Mac – US Version

PC vs Mac – UK Version

Spreadsheet Day 2010

There’s still time to organize a Spreadsheet Day for 2010, if we get started now. Let the hijinks, shenanigans and monkey business begin!


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