The Lonely Life of an Excel Guru

You’re probably the Excel guru in your office, and everyone comes to you to solve their Excel problems. But what happens when you have a question, or want to learn a new technique? Do you hunt for answers in Google, read blogs, and flip through books looking for instructions?
Instead of struggling on your own, imagine how much you could learn in a workshop with other Excel gurus, led by a couple of legendary Excel MVPs. Yes, it will take you away from your desk for a day or two, but you’ll go back energized, with an arsenal of new Excel skills that will help you get things done.
Sounds good, doesn’t it? And you won’t have to wait too long to dive in.  Excel MVPs Jon Peltier and Bob Umlas are holding an Advanced Excel Conference in Atlantic City, June 17-18, 2009.

The Conference Leaders

If you’ve ever made a chart in Excel, you’ve probably visited Jon Peltier’s web site, and been amazed by his ability to do the impossible with Excel charts. Jon will show you advanced charting techniques that you can use to improve your company’s reports, in Excel and PowerPoint. Instead of wrestling with Excel, frustrated with its limitations, you’ll learn the secrets that make the impossible possible.
Bob Umlas is the master of Excel oddities, and making it do amazing, and useful tricks. His book, This isn’t Excel, it’s Magic, is packed with tips that you’ve probably never seen before. Bob has been pushing Excel to its limits since it was released. In his workshops you’ll learn how to make Excel dance, do amazing things with VBA and UserForms, and dazzle your boss and co-workers.

Go to the Conference

Invest a bit of time, go to the conference, and learn from Jon, Bob, and all your fellow Excel gurus who’ll be there. You’ll be glad you did! The sessions will be packed with information, you can dig deep with Excel masters, and you’ll enjoy brainstorming with a smart bunch of people. Back at the office, you’ll save time and money by improving your Excel workbooks, and automating complex procedures.