Excel Concentration Game

A couple of Fridays ago, in the What’s in Your Desk Drawer comments, Doug Glancy mentioned that he had created a concentration game in Excel.

One of my first Excel VBA programming fun projects was to write one for my daughter and I to play. It had multiple decks, 3 user modes and “animated” cards (the pairs moved across the screen to a pile when correctly selected). Somewhat fun to play, and a great learning experience.

Download the Sample File

Doug sent me a copy of the file, so you can see the game for yourself: Excel Concentration Game
When the file opens, you can enable the macros, so the game will run. There’s one worksheet, with a button that you click to start the game.

The Game

The game opens, with a deck of cards, turned face down. You select two cards and try to match the pictures.
The game records the number of clicks, time used, and the match count. I am very bad at this game!
There are game options, including number of players, and type of card.

How It Works

Doug’s concentration game is built on a UserForm. In the sample file you can see all the code that makes it operate. It took me a couple of minutes to find the sets of cards – one for mammals and one for birds. They’re to the right of the visible area on the UserForm.

Other Excel Games

  • John Walkenbach has an Excel Keno game on his website, and there are a few games in his PUPv7 add-in.
  • Chip Pearson has a page of Excel games, including a couple that are similar to Minesweeper.

Any other free Excel games out there?