What’s in Your Desk Drawer?

Recently, I’ve made some progress in clearing out my office, and organizing my files and bookshelves. This week, after I was stabbed by a push pin, while trying to dig out a paper clip, I realized that my desk drawer could use some improvement.
At some point, I had good intentions, because you can see the boxes and clear container with storage compartments, that were meant to organize things. Somewhere, though, things got off track.

  • Buried under the top layer are the paper clips, in assorted sizes, that I need occasionally.
  • The glue sticks and Scotch tape are easily accessible, but I don’t use them too often.
  • Stamps, that I use about once a month, are easy to find.
  • A nice eraser, for those paper-based mistakes
  • Hand cream and nail clippers, because good grooming is important
  • The rest of it, I should toss out, or at least move to a different part of the office, so I can find those paper clips when I need them.

That desk drawer is prime office real estate, and I’m cleaning it up.
How about you?  Is your desk drawer better organized than mine? Or are you risking injury every time you reach for a paper clip?