Purging the Bookshelves

Do you have the inner strength to throw out old books?
I love computer books, and bring home way too many of them. Things were bad enough in the old days, when I had to leave my office and drive to a bookstore, in order to buy books. Then the miracle of online shopping occurred, and now I can browse through the Amazon catalogue any time of night or day. A few mouse clicks, and there’s a pile of books headed to my front door.
The shelves in my office are crammed to capacity, and it’s time to purge some of the books, or buy new shelves. Since I’ve run out of wall space, additional shelving isn’t really an option, so purge it is.

The Toss Pile

Here are some of the books I’m releasing into the wild today. The internet has changed a bit since I started using it, and I don’t use Office 97, Lotus Notes, FrontPage or PageMill these days. Judging by the publication dates, you can see that I don’t clear the shelves too often. It’s painful!

  • Teach Yourself Web Publishing with Microsoft Office 97; 1997 edition.
  • The Internet Unleashed; 1994 edition.
  • Lotus Notes 4.5 and the Internet; 1997 edition.
  • Adobe PageMill 3 f/x and design; 1998 edition
  • Special Edition Using Microsoft Front Page 2000; 1999 edition

There were several others, as you can see in the photo below. It cleared 18″ of shelf space, and reduced the load by about 30 pounds (my non-scientific estimate). Still lots that could be tossed, but this is a start.

The Keep Pile

I’m keeping this one though, because it’s an essential office reference guide:

  • The PreHistory of the Far Side; 1989 edition.

What’s in Your Toss Pile?

So, I’ve come clean. What’s on your bookshelf that’s ready for the toss pile?