Blog Stats Dashboard Template

One of the things that I do while drinking my morning coffee is to check the statistics for my website and blog. It’s interesting to see the fluctuations in traffic, and discover where’s it coming from. I use Google Analytics and my web host also has a daily statistics file that shows me the hits and downloads.
Not that I’m obsessed or anything, but I track the statistics in a couple of Excel files, and even have a line chart for the monthly totals. Today I saw a blog statistics dashboard that a Canadian PR firm uses for its clients, and it puts my little system to shame.
Apparently the reports are created monthly, with lots of cutting and pasting, but you could probably automate something similar in Excel. It has a nice clean look, and you customize it to show the statistics of interest to you or your clients.
You can download the dashboard template in pdf format, and make changes to it, if you have Adobe Acrobat. I had to change the font before I could edit the text, but maybe that’s because I’m still using Acrobat 5.0.