Create and Copy AutoCorrect List Items

To save time, create AutoCorrect entries for words, phrases, and even symbols that you type frequently. Then, type a short code, and Excel automatically changes it to the full text. See how to create an entry, then print a list of all your entries, and copy them to a different computer, using the AutoCorrect macros below.

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Problem Grouping Pivot Table Items

If you try to group pivot table items in Excel, you might get an error message that says, “Cannot group that selection.” For older versions of Excel, if you had a problem grouping pivot table items, it was usually caused by blank cells, or text in number/date fields. For Excel 2013 and later, there’s another thing that can prevent you from grouping.

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Scroll Through Filter Items in Excel Table

To see specific data in an Excel Table, you can select an item from the drop down filter in a column heading. Someone asked me if there was a way to scroll through the items, instead of opening the filter list each time. This technique uses a pivot table, which could be hidden on a different sheet, and a spin button, to go up or down in the list of items.

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