Excel Problems, Fixes and Webinars

Did you get hit by the disappearing Excel add-in affliction recently? After a long couple of weeks, that frustrating Excel problem is finally solved. After spending countless hours on that issue (details below), I was happy to get back to more productive work, updating my website and sample files. I hope the rest of the summer goes smoothly!

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Create an Excel Hyperlink With Drag and Drop

In a big Excel file, it’s handy to have hyperlinks that take you from one sheet to another. Maybe you need a table of contents, or a single link on a summary sheet that takes you to a data entry sheet. You can use the Insert Hyperlink command on the Ribbon, but it’s even quicker to create an Excel hyperlink with drag and drop. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

And there are a couple of Excel announcements too.

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Excel Sheet Selector With No Macros

If you’re setting up a workbook for other people to use, they’ll appreciate it if you make it easy to move around in the file. You can create a table of contents on the first sheet, and that will get them off to a good start. But then what?

Once they’re on one of the other sheets, how can they get back to the table of contents, or go directly to a different sheet? We’ll add a drop down list of sheets, to make it easy to go to the one that you need.

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