Copy a Pivot Table Custom Style to Different Workbook

How can you copy a pivot table custom style to a different workbook? There isn’t a built-in way to do that, but there is a workaround solution. There are instructions that worked in Excel 2013, and earlier versions (way back to Excel 2007). Those stopped working, unfortunately, but there’s an easy way to do this in Excel 2016 too.

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How to Compare Two Cells in Excel

Aside from staring at them closely, how can you compare two cells in Excel? Here are a few functions and formulas that check the contents of two cells, to see if they are the same. We’ll start with a simple check, then move up the formula ladder, for more complex comparisons.

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Excel Hidden Data Warning

Have you seen the articles that blame Excel for all kinds of business errors? In some cases, problems occur because rows were hidden, and that distorted the data analysis. To help avoid those problems, I created a sample file that shows an Excel hidden data warning, if rows or columns are hidden.
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Excel Conditional Formatting Colour Macro Problems

If you need to know what color is in a worksheet cell, or a shape, you can check it manually, or use VBA code to find the color number. There are conditional formatting color macros too, but they’re a bigger challenge, and didn’t work for a project that I built recently. Here’s what I was working on, and some of the Excel color resources that I used along the way. There are links to download my sample file, and one from Visio MVP, John Marshall. Continue reading “Excel Conditional Formatting Colour Macro Problems”

Hockey Player Data Analysis in Excel

Congratulations to the USA Women’s Hockey team, who won the Olympic gold medal. They beat our Canadian team, in a hard-fought game that went into overtime, and ended with a shootout. The team rosters were available online, so I used those for a hockey player data analysis, in Excel pivot tables. Is there anything in the player data that shows why the USA team won?

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Excel Budget Report with Value Selector

Instead of showing a budget’s forecast, actual and variance data all at once, click a button to view the values one at a time. That makes the report easier to read, and takes less space on the worksheet. See how this technique works in my Budget Reporter with value selector workbook.

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