Happy Spreadsheet Day 2017

Happy Spreadsheet Day 2017! You've been waiting all year for this special day to arrive, I'm sure, so what will you do to celebrate today?

How Did Spreadsheet Day Get Started?

Here at Contextures, we love spreadsheets, and in 2010, I realized that there was no Spreadsheet Day. How was that possible, when almost everything else has its day – from food, to beverages, to cities and states? So, to fix that glaring omission, I started Spreadsheet Day. You can read the details on the About page of my Spreadsheet Day blog.

Why October 17th?

October 17th is the celebration day, because October 17, 1979, is when VisiCalc was first released – the first spreadsheet for personal computers. Read more about VisiCalc in the Spreadsheet History section.

Spreadsheet Day Logo

Your Passion for Spreadsheets

How would you describe your passion for spreadsheets? Or are you speechless, because spreadsheets are just so awesome?

To see how other people describe their feelings, read the comments in Liz England's Twitter thread about using the phrase, "a passion for spreadsheets", in a job description.

Here is the original tweet by Liz England, and  a few of my favourite replies are shown below. Click the link in the date, to see the entire thread on Twitter.

Favourite Replies

Here are three of my favourite replies to the original tweet. What would your reply be? Are you more passionate than these people?





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