Store Multiple Values With Excel Scenarios

If you're working on the office budget, you might be collecting data from different departments. Or maybe you're planning your back to school spending. If you get that bonus at the end of your summer job, you can use some higher budget numbers. If the bonus falls through, you'll need your low budget estimates.

Store Data With Scenarios

With Excel Scenarios, you can store different sets of values (in up to 32 cells) in a workbook. Then, without any programming, you can switch between the saved values.

In this example, we store budget projections for two departments. View and print one department's budget, and then switch to the other department, all in the same cells.


Download the Sample File

To see the written instructions for creating scenarios, please visit the Excel Scenarios page on the Contextures website. There is a sample file that you can download, to see how the Scenarios work.

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Watch the Excel Scenarios Video

To see the steps for creating and showing scenarios, watch this short video tutorial. I also share tips for quickly naming cells, and automatically adding those names to your formulas.



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