Make It Easy to Ask Excel Questions

While working with PowerPivot in Excel 2010, I noticed the Ask Questions command on the Ribbon. When you click that command, your web browser opens, and takes you to the PowerPivot Help forums on the Microsoft website.
That’s a nice feature, if you’re struggling with PowerPivot.

Where Do You Ask Excel Questions?

Why doesn’t Excel have an Ask Questions command? We have questions too! (A moment of silence for the old Excel newsgroups.)
The closest thing that I could find is a Contact Us command, which leads to the Microsoft website.
At the bottom of that page is a link that leads to the general Answers form – not to an Excel related forum. It takes a couple more clicks to get to the Excel section.

Ask Excel Questions

Maybe that Ask Questions command will be in the next version of Excel. Until then, here are links to the Excel help forums on the Microsoft site.

There are links to other Excel forums in the article, The Excel Newsgroups Disappeared.