Excel Power Utility Pack Sale Phase 2

80percentoffjwalk Tomorrow, Tuesday June 7th, John Walkenbach is having another deep discount sale on his Excel add-in – Power Utility Pack (PUP).
Remember, Father’s Day is this month, so this could be the perfect gift for the dad who has everything. Or give your kids the link, and let them buy it for you!

24 Hours Only

The sale price is in effect for only 24 hours, starting at 12 noon, Eastern Time, so act quickly if you’re interested. Even at its full price of $40, the PUP is a great investment, but during the sale it’s over 80% off – only $7.77! The older version, for Excel 2003 and earlier, is $6.66.
While you’re shopping, you can also buy the password to the PUP’s VBA source code, for only $20. That’s its regular price, but definitely worth buying. It’s a rare opportunity to see under the hood of a professional Excel add-in, and could save you many hours of programming, if you’re trying to do something similar.

PUP Features

For your small investment of $7.77, you’ll get these features in the Power Utility Pack:

  • more than 70 general purpose Excel utilities
  • 53 worksheet functions
  • 6 non-serious amusements, for when you need a break from number-crunching.

You can read about all the PUP features, but don’t spend too much time reading – remember, the sale is only 24 hours!