Multi-Column Excel Combo Box

With Excel VBA programming, you can add a Combo Box to the worksheet, to show a data validation list. Usually a single column combo box is enough, like this list of weekdays.
In some cases, it’s helpful to have a multi-column combo box. For example, instead of a single-column list with product codes, you could show the product names in another column.
When you select an item from the drop down list, only the product code is added to the worksheet cell.

The Lookup Lists

On another worksheet, there are two named ranges – ToolList (A1:A7) and ToolListFull (A1:B7).
The ToolListFull range is used as the ListFillRange for the Combo Box, and ToolList is used for the data validation list.

Combo Box Settings

To show two columns in the combo box, change its ColumnCount setting to 2.
When you double-click on a data validation cell, event code runs, that finds the list used in the data validation cell. Then, “Full” is added to that name, to find the list for the combo box.

Download the Sample Workbook

To see the multi-column combo box, and the code, you can download the Multi-Column Combo Box sample file.