Automatically Add New Items to Excel Data Validation Drop Down

There’s a sample Excel workbook on my Contextures website that uses a bit of Excel VBA to automatically add new items to an Excel data validation drop down list.
For example, if the drop down list shows Apple, Banana and Peach, you can type Lemon in the data validation cell. Then, as soon as you press the Enter key, Lemon is added to the named range that the data validation list is based on. The source list is sorted too, so that Lemon appears between Banana and Peach.

Read the Instructions

Someone emailed me last week, and asked if I would explain how the Excel VBA code works. It rained (and even snowed a little) on Friday, so it was a good day to stay in, and work on a new page for the website.
If you’re interested in setting up a similar file, you can wander over to the Contextures website, and read Excel Data Validation – Add New Items.

Watch the Video

There’s a short video that demonstrates the file, and briefly explains how the code works. You can watch that, if it’s too early in the day to read about Excel VBA code.

Download the Sample File

If you’d rather just play with the file, and figure it our for yourself, you can download the workbook from my Contextures website. Go to the sample workbooks page, and in the data validation section, look for DV0021 – Update Multiple Validation Lists
It’s in Excel 2003 format, and contains macros. You can enable macros if you want to test the code.