Excel Calorie Burning Calculator

Excel Calorie Burning Calculator

Good work! You’ve stopped eating cookies, and you’re recording your daily food intake in the Excel Calorie Counter. The pounds are magically melting away, and you’re keeping track of your weight loss. Here’s one more tool to help you with your healthy living plans – the Excel Calorie Burning Calculator.

The Food Calories List

The Excel Calorie Burning Calculator has a condensed version of the food list from the Excel Calorie Counter. The list shows food items with their serving size and number of calories. There’s a download link at the end of this article.

Hmmm…3 slices of bacon aren’t much worse than one banana, at least calorie-wise! That’s good to know.

Excel Calorie Burn 01

The Activity Calorie Burning List

If you believe the scientists, you can burn some of those consumed calories by moving around a bit. Or a lot. And apparently, the bigger you are, the more calories that you burn per minute. Yes, the 220-pound guy working in his garden burns more calories than the 120-pound guy who’s hiking. No, that doesn’t seem fair, but it’s hard to argue with the laws of science.

Anyway, the smaller you get, the harder you’ll have to work. But you’ll probably feel better.

Excel Calorie Burn 02

Calorie Burning Calculator

On the main sheet in the workbook, you select your weight range from the data validation drop down list.

Next, choose an activity. In the next cell, a VLOOKUP formula, with MATCH, finds the calories burned per minute in that activity, for your selected weight.

Then, select a food that you plan to eat, and see approximately how many minutes it will take to burn off the calories, with the activity that you selected.

How Many Minutes?

For example, that 200 pound guy will have to walk for about 38 minutes after he eats one slice of pizza. Instead of phoning for delivery, he could walk to the pizza shop and back!

Excel Calorie Burn 03

However, his 160 pound friend will have to walk for about 53 minutes to burn off his slice.

And the really bad news is that it would take him almost 2 hours to burn off the pizza slice, if he eats it while sitting at his desk.

Excel Calorie Burn 04

I don’t have that kind of time, so my plan is to have a glass of wine, and then just sleep the calories off!

Download the Excel Calorie Burning Calculator

You can download a zipped copy of the sample Excel Calorie Burning Calculator, to calculate your own food intake and activities. The file is in Excel 2007 format, with no macros. If you’re using an older version of Excel, you can download a zipped copy of the sample Excel 2003 Calorie Burning Calculator.

Consult Your Doctor

As I mentioned before, I’m not a medical professional, so use this workbook for entertainment only. The calorie counts are from Health Canada, so the ingredients and calorie counts might be different where you live. Check the product labels for accurate numbers.

The activity calorie counts are from the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management, and provide estimates for different weight ranges and activity intensity levels. Your mileage, or “caloriage”, may vary.