14 Basic Skills For Excel Users

Last week, John Walkenbach posted a list of basic skills for men, then basic skills for women, and finally, basic skills for dogs. That got me thinking – what’s on the list of basic skills for Excel users?

Basic Skills for Excel Users

If you use Excel at work, or list it on your résumé, what tasks should you be able to do?

I’m sure your list is different, but here’s mine. Would any of these make your list?

  1. Sum or Count cells, based on criteria
  2. Build a Pivot Table
  3. Write a formula with absolute and relative references
  4. Create a drop down list of options in a cell
  5. Sort a list without messing up the data
  6. Use a formula to look up a value in a table
  7. Record and modify a simple macro
  8. Design and build a simple application, such as an order form
  9. Create a chart from worksheet data
  10. Apply conditional formatting that uses a formula
  11. Nest two or more functions in a formula
  12. Insert and protect worksheets (and understand the limits of Excel’s protection)
  13. Perform simple date and time arithmetic
  14. Filter unique items from a list

Video: Basic Excel Skills

This video shows one of the basic Excel skills that you should have. It’s skill number 14 in my list – how to filter unique items from a list.