Create Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

Do you have two or more web pages that you use frequently? I like Google as a home page, and use it many times during the day. I also refer to my own website several times, to make sure everything is working okay, or look up one of the Excel tips that are stored there.
I had Google set as my home page in Firefox, then opened later.
It’s not a terribly painful process, but I’ve found a way to set multiple home pages, instead of one.

Set Multiple Home Pages

Here’s how I set up the multiple pages:

  1. On the Firefox toolbar, click Tools
  2. Click Options
  3. Click  the Main heading, then click the Use Current Pages button
  4. The URLs will appear in the Home Page box, separated by the pipe separator.
  5. Click OK, to close the Options dialog box.

The next time you open Firefox, both home pages will automatically open.