Excel List of All MP3 Files in a Directory

If you have a folder full of MP3 files, you can use Excel to create a list of the files, including title, artist, and song duration.
I pulled together a collection of music for a family wedding, and wanted to share the list with the bride and groom. Rather that write some code myself, I checked a few of my favourite Excel sites.
John Walkenbach has a download that looked perfect for the job. I downloaded his MP3 File Lister, opened the file, and clicked the Start button.
I was prompted to select a folder, and a few seconds later, the list was finished. It had included all the files from the top level folder, and all the subfolders.
The Artist and Genre columns were switched, as were the Album and Duration columns. The code is unlocked though, so you could easily change the headings if you encounter the same problem.
The file ran in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, without any other problems.