Use Excel to Plan Your Garden

It’s almost April, and the snow tires are coming off my car today, so spring must be just around the corner. That means it’s time to start planning the garden. We don’t actually plant anything in southern Ontario until the May 24th weekend, but a bit of planning will make it easier to survive the stampede at the garden centre on planting weekend.
I’ve found a few websites that have Excel garden planning workbooks, that you can download and adjust for your climate zone.
At the Compostings blog, there’s a workbook that lists crops, and when you should plant them indoors, then move them outdoors. Uh-oh, I should have started the basil a couple of days ago.
At the Everchanging Garden blog, there are instructions for sketching a garden plan in Excel, using the drawing tools.
At High Prairie Landscape Design, you can download an Excel Garden Budget, garden charts and a seed start chart.
There are lots more examples out there, or maybe you’ve already created your own garden workbooks in Excel. Now let’s hope for some good growing weather this summer.