Quickly Create Named Ranges in Excel

In an Excel workbook you might have a worksheet that contains several lists that you use as the source for data validation dropdown lists. For example, this worksheet has a list of countries, and lists of regions within those countries.
If each list has a heading, you can quickly create named ranges from the lists.

Create the First Named Range

  • Select the heading and the items in the first list that you want to name.


  • On Excel’s Ribbon, click the Formulas tab
  • In the Defined Names group, click Create from Selection
  • (Note: In Excel 2003 and earlier versions, click Insert > Name > Create)


  • In the Create Names dialog box, add a check mark to Top row, remove any other check marks, then click OK.


Name the Remaining Ranges

To name the next range, select its heading and items

  • On the keyboard, press the F4 key.
  • Repeat for all the remaining ranges.