I'm Not Perfect

I know — I’m more shocked than you are.
Yesterday I discovered a site where you can create quizzes and post them for others to try. So, I searched for Excel quizzes and found a few.
One quiz had the mysterious name, Excel 13-22, so I decided to try that one. I got off to a good start, and as I completed each question it told me that I had selected the correct answer. Woohoo! I ignored minor problems, such as the misuse of Function in Question 1, and carried on.

Then, things went horribly wrong. Question 18 was about chart backgrounds, but it was incomprehensible. It was the only “fill in the blank” question, and I guessed wrong. However, the “correct” answer was in no way related to charts, so I was robbed.
Still in shock, I missed question 19 too, on how to end an argument. Since “yes, dear” wasn’t listed, I selected comma. That was marked as wrong, but I still think I’m right. In my opinion, the question should have been “how do you end a formula?” Where do I get a refund?
Fortunately, things improved, and I got the remaining questions right. On the page where your final score appears, you can scroll down to see the correct answers, and a summary of how other participants have scored. To my relief, not one person got the chart background question right.
If you pass, you can print out a certificate, and hang it proudly on your office wall. Here’s my certificate for a different quiz. It had only one question, and I wrote the quiz myself, but I got it 100%!

Create Your Own Quiz

So, what questions would you put on an Excel quiz for a beginner class? I sure wouldn’t include the Natural Formula questions that were on the Excel 13-22 quiz.
You have to register for a free account if you want to create a quiz, but it was quick and easy. You can make the quiz public, or accessible only with a password. Later, you can edit the quiz, view individual results, or see a quiz summary.
If you create an Excel quiz at Quiz School and would like to share it, please post the link in the comments.