Rearrange Your Taskbar Icons (Part 2)

A while ago (in May!), I posted about using Taskbar Shuffle to rearrange the icons in your Windows taskbar. This is handy when I have lots of windows open, and I want a couple of them to be readily available. If I drag their icons to the far left of the Windows Taskbar, they're easier for me to find when I need to access those windows.
Yesterday, Lifehacker posted an article about Taskix, which is another tool for rearranging taskbar icons. Apparently it's much smaller than Taskbar Shuffle, and very similar in functionality. I've installed it, and it's working very smoothly, with no noticeable difference from Taskbar Shuffle.
You can download Taskix for 32-bit or 64-bit systems, then use it to rearrange or close the windows icons on your taskbar. Simply drag a Window icon to a different position on the toolbar, and release it to place it in the new spot. Or, point to an icon and click the mouse wheel to close that window.

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  1. I've always put my taskbar along the left edge of the screen. The buttons are arranged like a list, vertically, so there is much more room for them. Across the bottom of the screen, you can only fit so many before they shrink and become unreadable.
    I guess the default position was determined to balance the menu across the top of the screen, but I like my way better.

  2. Jon, that's interesting. I'd never thought about putting the taskbar at the side, and it makes sense, especially with the wide monitors.
    I've used computers where the taskbar was at the top of the screen, and that drove me crazy. Yes, I know, short trip.

  3. Deb -
    You need one of those plugins that lets me click the box to be notified of follow up comments. I had to read Dick's blog to know he was trying my taskbar thing.
    What makes up for it is the Google ad for Low Cost Orthodox Icons.

  4. Oh so *you're* the other one subscribed to my comments RSS feed. Tell me, have you noticed that the comments feed doesn't get updated unless there's a new post? I was wondering if that was a Bloglines problem or a WordPress problem.

  5. I put my taskbar on the right hand side some time ago. For some reason I can't remember I chose the right side of the screen rather than the left. Perhaps to keep the tray closer to where I was used to it?
    Anyway, the other benefit of the taskbar on the side of the screen is that it expands to show the time, day of week and date in the tray - not just the time.

  6. Also, I resize the taskbar to be three quicklaunch bar icons wide. This let's me see the full quicklaunch bar without taking up too much real estate and also show's a little more text on the taskbar icons.

  7. Bravo! I've been doing the left-hand taskbar since I saw the post on Dick's blog. I've found more space for quicklaunch icons (more information per pixel) and the vertical list of open apps is much easier to work with. I've also managed to convert a few others in the office. Also, while I prefer firefox over Google Chrome, I've been using Chromes "Create Application Shortcut" to create quicklaunch icons for a slew of webapps that I frequently use.
    Jon, thanks for the tip!

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