Create an Excel Chart with One Keystroke

Create an Excel Chart with One Keystroke

Did you know that it only takes one keystroke to create a chart from data in Excel? Here are the simple steps to create a very quick Excel chart.

  • First, select a cell that contains the chart data, or select a heading in one of the data rows or columns

In the screen shot below, the data is in A1:D3, and cell B3 is selected.

NOTE: Cell A1, at the top left corner of the chart data is empty. That makes it easier for Excel to create a quick chart.

  • Next, on the keyboard, press the F11 key

A chart sheet is inserted in the active workbook, with a chart in the default chart type, as shown below.

In the sample workbook, the default chart type is a Clustered Column. There are two columns for each month, with East in light purple, and West in dart purple..

Just remember -- this is a super quick way to add a chart in Excel. After you insert that Excel chart so quickly, don't be tempted to spend another couple of hours playing with the formatting, to make it look perfect!


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  1. Thanks for the tip! And that's a good point -- you could also select a specific data range when using the F11 shortcut.

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