Insert Rows with Excel Fill Handle

If you want to insert a block of cells on a worksheet, what method do you use?

One way to insert cells is to select some cells, right-click on the selected range, and click Insert. Then you can select one of the Insert options.


Insert With the Fill Handle

This week, I was doing some updates on this blog, and found a tip that I posted 5 years ago. You can use the Fill Handle as a shortcut for inserting and deleting cells.

Select cells as a starting point, press Shift, and drag the fill handle to insert cells. You can use the Fill Handle to delete cells too!


Apparently I haven’t used that tip too often, because I forgot all about it! You’ll find more data entry tips on my Contextures website.

Watch the Video

Maybe I’ll remember this tip a bit longer if I make a video. To see the steps for inserting and deleting a block of cells, you can watch this short video. And watch for this tip again in 2018!