Add List Box to Excel Worksheet

In some workbooks, you want users to select one or more from a list of options. To make it easier for people to enter data, you can add a List Box, with check boxes, to an Excel worksheet.
You wouldn’t want to have too many List Boxes on a worksheet, but it would be handy in a data entry form, like this one.
In worksheets where you need several cells with multiple options, you could use the technique for selecting multiple items from a data validation drop down.

Set Up a List Box

On the Contextures website, there are instructions for setting up a List Box, and a sample workbook. You can enter records, one at a time, on the data entry sheet, and run the macro to store the saved records another sheet. The code pulls the selected items from the List Box, and stores them in separate cells.

Watch the List Box Video

To see the steps for creating a List Box on a worksheet, please watch this short Excel video tutorial.